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Why Adv-tech?


Quality is at the heart of our business and customers are our driving force. Listening to your needs and requirements over many years has given us a unique insight into our business service process. We place the security and safety of our customers as our top priority. Our team of security professionals provides for the security and safety needs of our customers by designing, servicing, and integrating systems for our customers' special needs. We believe is that no company can be too old to sit back in this industry where technology changes and upgrades in the blink of an eye. We are on a constant lookout for anything that is new and can add a whole new dimension to your security and surveillance experience.

How we started


Adv-tech is a registered trademark of Aulax Digital Pvt. Ltd. We are in the business of electronics, components, parts, and accessories since 1998. We entered the business of providing security solutions in 2003. Our technical knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field of electronics help us serve our customers better than any other service provider in this field. Now, we have a separate dedicated team for providing security solutions only. We provide systems for Access Control, Home Security, Video Surveillance, Fire Alarm, and Home Automation.

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